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Pricing Structure for Physiotherapy

Physiotherapy Service Element Price
Telephonic Clinical Assessment, including Guided Self Management advice and clinical case management £56.00
Face to Face Physiotherapy – Initial Assessment £53.75
Face to Face Physiotherapy – per follow up session £38.00

If onward referral to physiotherapy with RehabWorks is recommended by Optima Health, then the additional cost for this would be up to a maximum
of £299.75 “Delegated Authority” (Telephonic Clinical Assessment
(physio) + Initial f2f assessment + 5 treatment sessions). The actual
cost will depend on the pathway and number of sessions required, so for
cases which are clinically appropriate for Guided Self Management, the
cost will be limited to £56. Authorisation for onward referral to
physiotherapy is assumed when making a management referral to Optima Health
and will be charged to the same cost code.

For chronic, repeated or long term absence musculoskeletal cases, a
Functional Restoration Programme (FRP) may be recommended. Authorisation
to proceed to FRP assessment will be sought by RehabWorks on an
individual case basis. Prices for FRP are available on request.