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Attendance Management

OH clinicians provide impartial advice to managers to allow them to make informed management decisions regarding their employees. The OH clinician can only offer advice on the capability of an individual to perform their role in relation to their health and well-being in a way that is equally fair to the employee and the business, and is in accordance with the Network Rail’s statutory obligations.

In addition to Network Rail’s Managing Absence Policies, the business reserves the right to monitor the sickness absence levels of all members of staff. Where excessive levels of sickness absence or a recognisable pattern of sickness absence is identified, managers/supervisors should refer the employee to the OH service. For more details please visit Network Rail’s health and wellness portal: https://www.safety.networkrail.co.uk/healthandwellbeing.

For further support on managing sickness absence please contact HRSS; email: Medicals@networkrail.co.uk, telephone: 0161 880 3473.

In relation to the working environment, individuals who believe that their health is being adversely affected by their work should discuss this with their line manager, and following this discussion the line manager should initiate a referral to the OH service.